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Ausschreibung   Ausschreibung Region Hof, Bayreuth, Kulmbach, Marktredwitz für Sonstige Komponenten für Windenergieanlagen

Ausschreibung Los-ID 2084505

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Structrual Health Monitoring (SHM)
Structrual Health Monitoring (SHM)


Kurze Beschreibung:

The Contractor's scope of services includes in particular the installation of a Structural Health Monitoring System (SHM System) on the HVDC platforms. On 9 HVDC platforms which are in operation, the installation of the SHM system shall be carried out offshore during operation. For the 3 HVDC platforms which are under construction or in the planning phase, the installation of the SHM system takes place in the respective shipyard during the construction phase. In connection with the installation of the SHM system, a platform-specific monitoring concept has to be developed that is based on periodic data determination. Therefor periodic reporting should be implemented. In addition to the immediate detection of beyond-design-basis events and changes in the foundation structure, this should also enable the total service life of the structures to be recorded mathematically.


Geschätzter Gesamtwert

Wert ohne MwSt.: 3 250 000.00 EUR


Angaben zu den Losen

Aufteilung des Auftrags in Lose: nein




Weitere(r) CPV-Code(s)

72200000 Softwareprogrammierung und -beratung

51200000 Installation von Mess-, Kontroll-, Prüf- und Navigationsgeräten




DE Deutschland

Hauptort der Ausführung:

North Sea - German Bight

Onshore installation:

Spain - Cadiz

and another shipyard which is not determined yet.


Beschreibung der Beschaffung:

The contractor shall develop and install a monitoring concept for the support structures of the 12 platforms included in the tender scope. The monitoring concept should take into account, among others, the most important dynamic parameters to be determined for system identification, such as.

1. natural frequencies and mode shape

2. damping

3. vibration intensity

4. trend maps

Additional monitoring methods, such as strain gauges and inclination sensors, can also be used to enhance the results from the environmental vibration monitoring and to provide a complete system identification intended for checking the agreement between the computational model and the actual bearing behaviour. It is intended to include additional strain gauges for monitoring the HVDC platforms.

The evaluation of the vibration behaviour should allow a root cause analysis to be carried out to identify the type of significant degradation caused by, for example, long-term corrosion, overloading, fatigue, scouring and problems with grouted connections. Any damage caused by the above problems would lead to changes in the dynamic behaviour of the structure and should therefore be detected by the vibration monitoring system.

It is important that the computational models are able to isolate the sources of damage, locate damaged areas and provide as much useful information as possible to identify the causes affecting structural integrity so that appropriate measures can be planned. This should be analysed and reported by the contractor on a regular basis.



Die nachstehenden Kriterien

Qualitätskriterium - Name: Technical concept / Gewichtung: 35%

Qualitätskriterium - Name: Contract terms / Gewichtung: 25%

Qualitätskriterium - Name: HSE / Gewichtung: 5%

Preis - Gewichtung: 35%


Geschätzter Wert


Laufzeit des Vertrags, der Rahmenvereinbarung oder des dynamischen Beschaffungssystems

Beginn: 25/01/2022

Ende: 31/12/2026

Dieser Auftrag kann verlängert werden: nein


Angaben über Varianten/Alternativangebote

Varianten/Alternativangebote sind zulässig: nein


Angaben zu Optionen

Optionen: ja

Beschreibung der Optionen:

OPTION 1: Monitoring of the operating structure & substructure during temporary conditions

The Contractor must ensure that the SHM remains functional and provides reliable and accurate results of the structural behaviour during the load-out and sea transport. In particular, the fatigue damage accumulated during transport and ULS (extreme) loads that occur during transport are to be recorded

OPTION 2: Local scour monitoring

In addition to the basic SHM equipment, the Contractor must offer to install a local scour monitoring system for the platform foundation as an option. The scope of supply includes all required sensors, cabling, distribution boxes, fixings and other additional equipment.

The Contractor shall make the most use possible of the arrangement and fitments of the basic SHM system. Where possible, the cables are to be laid in existing cable routes and if additional wiring is required, this is to be provided by the Contractor. The scour sensors are

to be connected to the data acquisition system and integrated in the same frame as the SHM system. The Contractor is requested to install a Multibeam Sonar scour sensor for each location to evaluate the crater progress over time.

The final arrangement and the exact location of the sensor on each foundation to be monitored is agreed between the Contractor and the Client.

All specifications defined for the basic SHM also apply to this optional scope. Underwater activities should be avoided as far as possible, especially with respect to maintenance acquirements, and preventative maintenance activities should never be required more frequently than on an annual basis.

The following applies to both options: The Contractor must submit an offer for the services described above; the Client will also take this into account in its offer evaluation, but is not obligated to draw the negotiated options in the event that a concrete need materializes, but is free to also retender and award the optionally tendered scope.


Angaben zu Mitteln der Europäischen Union

Der Auftrag steht in Verbindung mit einem Vorhaben und/oder Programm, das aus Mitteln der EU finanziert wird: nein


Zusätzliche Angaben

The client reserves the right to negotiate with a maximum of four candidates. The selection of candidates to be invited for negotiations after the submission of tenders will be based on the award criteria according to number II.2.5).
- Kraftwerksanlagen - Windkraft
95 - Hof, Bayreuth, Kulmbach, Marktredwitz
Öffentlicher Auftraggeber
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